“The future of agricultural innovation is simulation”

“We’re moving towards a simulated agricultural economy, where strategic analysis gives way to reconstructing phenomena from real world farm data, testing hypotheses and learning”

“The smartest consultants and land managers are no match for terabytes of data and smart algorithms. There is no one ‘theory of the case’ anymore, but thousands of them, being run constantly and simulated to find the optimal solution”

“The point isn’t to be right, but to become less wrong over time”

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RegenFARM is an Agritech Platform enabling farmers to redesign food production by simulating regenerative agriculture interventions. Other platforms do not have the full capability to automatically gather data and simulate designs. RegenFARM helps farmers overcome uptake barriers, simulating financial, environmental results accurately and at scale, including soil carbon sequestration, allowing farmers to make more money and be part of a climate change solution.

Guiding principle - regenerative agriculture (regenag)

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Jason Hayward-Jones

BSc (Hons) Agric., MSc Agron., FRGS, MBIAC

Founder & Managing Director

RegenFARM Ltd

Sigma House, Edginswell Park, Torquay, Devon TQ2 7FF, United Kingdom

Email: Mobile +44 (0)7756 367978