What does it do?

RegenFARM Design Tool has three linked processes:

  1. INPUTS - acquiring, customising and displaying relevant data. 
  2. ANALYSIS - of data using proprietary algorithms and machine learning.
  3. OUTPUTS - a range of useful outputs to design and manage the transition to RegenAg.

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Great, that's very useful! So.....

What happens next?

inputS process 1 - 7

Data capture

1. Data Capture

  • External data sources
  • Internal (on-farm) data sources
  • Dashboard display

Map display

2. Map Display

  • 'Key-points' & 'Key-lines' 
  • Field boundaries 
  • Water catchment

User customization

3. User Customization

  • User data
  • User preferences
  • Risk profile

Zone identificatiion

4. Zone Identification

  • Low/high
  • Steep/shallow
  • Undulating/flat
  • Wet/dry
  • Boundaries (riparian, river, tracks)

Regenerative agriculture

5. RegenAg Methodology Selection

Choose from a range of interventions applicable and relevant to zones identified in 4, e.g.

  • Techno-grazing
  • Keyline sub-soiling
  • No-till
  • etc


6. Biome Identification

  • Dominant/adapted plant species
  • Dominant/adapted animal species

Gross margins

7. Enterprise Gross Margins

  • Income & Expenditure 
  • Cost Benefit Analysis

RegenFARM's "black box" analysis - interaction & integration of inputs 1 to 7.



output options


Farm Performance 

10 Criteria 


4D High Resolution Interactive Map


Digital Twin

Financial Reports

Synchronisation with FMS

Environmental & Social Reports

ESG Criteria & Measurement 

Planning Reports

Transition Plan & Budget

Gantt Chart


Regenerative Organic Certification

Payments for Ecosystem Services

Credit & Emissions Exchange Platforms 

Public Goods & Services

DEFRA Schemes