Value Proposition

Is This You?

Do any of these describe you (if you’re a farmer) or any of your clients (if you are a farm management consultant)?

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That's interesting, so.....

Why is it important



  • I’m too busy to get all the data and information together.
  • I’m worried about changing things.
  • I don’t produce enough food or make enough money.
  • I’m concerned about what chemicals are doing to my soil and the food I produce. 
  • I don’t feel in control of my farm’s destiny.
  • It feels like my farm is on a slow downward path.
  • I don’t understand new technology.
  • I reckon my farm has only got another 50 harvests in it.



  • I want to make more money.
  • I want to secure my farming legacy as a proud custodian of the land.
  • I want to regenerate the soil on my farm.
  • I want to explore alternative ways to farm and produce food.
  • I need a step by step transition plan.
  • I want to benchmark how I’m doing.
  • I need something that doesn’t cost too much and works quickly.
  • I want to try it before I buy it.

If you answered YES to any of these RegenFARM can help you Now

Alternative Design Tool

RegenFARM offers an alternative design and decision-making tool for farmers and consultants seeking new ways to produce food and wanting to change their farm’s ‘operating system’ to a RegenAg model. 

Innovation Integrator Platform

RegenFARM is an Innovation Integrator SaaS Platform and Marketplace – You will find all the services and products you need in one place (diagram) to make your RegenAg farm design work. 

Transition to RegenAg

RegenFARM offers objective, consistent, baseline standard of RegenAg farm design. A structured and planned process by which a farmer can make the transition to RegenAg. 

Demonstrator BETA Version


  • Captures all relevant data for your farm automatically on your dashboard.
  • Allows you to enter extra data and select preferences for your own farm to customize your outputs.
  • Presents all data and information on easy to understand maps, tables and charts.
  • Allows basic RegenAg production methods to be selected and applied to relevant zones in your farm.
  • Calculates the resulting financial and other benefits for your farm.


MVP Commercial Release


  • Interaction and Integration of RegenAg methodologies.
  • Optimization of farm performance.
  • Visualization of farm design.
  • Simulation in 4D with a digital twin of the farm.
  • Outputs for farm management, certification and PES trading.

On Farm Results


  • Increased resilience.
  • Increased diversification.
  • Increased entropy/stability.
  • Increased productivity.
  • Increased profitability.
  • More social outcomes.
  • More environmental outcomes.
  • Decreased risk.
  • Decreased volatility.

The Future

 RegenFARM is working with its development partners to design enhanced software and protocols through which farmers and consultants can interact with the system via PC, tablet, and mobile devices using voice integrated controls (e.g. Google/Alexa). 

Farmers' kitchen tables and tractor cabs will never be the same again!